Avoid getting the frustrating pinch flat by installing Nuetech TUbliss kits and elimate the need for a stock tube and rim lock.  It provides a 100psi protection bumber at the rim and also doubles as a full circumference rim-lock which stabilizes the tyres sidewalls and allows you to run at low speeds with a flat.

Even if you get a puncture, the bead stays seated to the rim so it can easily be repaired in seconds using standard tyre plugs - without removing the wheel!

Please note this does not install like a standard inner tube please watch the videobelow for correct installation.  



  • Generation 2 with Red outter and Orange liner. 
  • Available in 18", 19" and 21" wheel sizes
  • Pounds lighter then pinch prone HD tubes
  • Provides Low PSI performance- Improves traction
  • Provides High PSI protection- Protection at the rim
  • Less friction results in lower tyre tempratures
  • Weight savings of up to 3 pounds
  • 18" TUbliss system fits 18" x 1.85 - 2.15" Rims
  • 19" TUbliss system fits 19" x 1.85 - 2.15" Rims
  • 21" TUbliss system fits 21" x 1.6" Rims


  • Rim tape 
  • Guide plate
  • Red liner
  • Black bladder
  • Stickers
  • Installation poster
  • Rim plug

Improved Traction The system secures the bead so securely that it allows a low tyre pressure for improved straight line traction without the risk of a pinch flat or tyre bead slippage, traction is improved which is especially important for Baja and Enduro riders.  

Virtually Flat Proof With TUbliss your sealant works directly on the tire where it matters. Plus, the design of TUbliss helps keep the tire seated on the bead and the sidewalls more stable, virtually making "flat wobbles" a thing of the past. Riders have reported riding longer and harder, completely unaware that they had a tire puncture.

Rim Protection TUbliss protects the rim from dings and dents by holding the tyre firmly and making the sidewalls stay upright and absorb the full impact, unlike bending and deflection of conventional tubes.

NUETECH TUbliss Tyre Kit - 21 inch

SKU: 21TUBliss