Ideal for the new generation of 180+bhp bikes which are hard on chains.

EK steps up with an incredibly strong Quadra-X Ring chain that has proven its superiority in controlled lab tests. ZVX chains are also great for any bike that's been modified for more-than-stock horsepower.

The Quadra-X Ring reduces friction by as much as 40 percent thanks to its smaller contact area, yet it offers even better sealing than a conventional O-ring because it has twice as many contact points between the ring and sideplates. It's the optimal combination of maximum sealing protection with minimum friction. Bench tests show that EK Quadra-X Ring chains last 50 percent longer than standard O-ring chains.

Features like solid bushings, lightening holes in the sideplates, large-diameter pins, and friction-reducing Quadra-X Rings help ensure high-performance and durability.

For use on 1400cc max road bikes.

Tensile strength - 10560lbs
Wear life index - 1500
Link type - rivet

EK 530 QX-Ring Super H/Duty Gold Chain 122L

SKU: 14-530ZVX311-122