500 ml of Bike Seal, enough for two tyres.  

This sealant is a unique puncture prevention system, unlike any other tyre sealant on the market. Its unrivalled technology is superior, providing a permanent prevention solution as part of safe tyre management for your motorbikes.


As the tyre rotates, the sealant spreads evenly over the inside surface.This is a mechanical process not a chemical reaction.

Immediately a puncture occurs the air pressure in the tyre forces fibre particles and fillers suspended in the sealant to interlock, forming an airtight plug which prevents further air loss.This action is completed within 2-3 wheel rotations.

It happens so fast that riders will often be unaware of the occurrence of a puncture.

Later when a tyre is inspected, the cause of a puncture such as a nail can be safely removed.

The turning of the wheels will allow product to cover the damage, therefore internal pressure will assist in forming the plug.



Bike Seal Puncture Sealant