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BETA MOTORCYCLES, Finance available in store or follow the link:

Credit criteria, fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. Finance is provided by Australian Motorcycle and Marine Finance Pty. Ltd. ABN 85 603 969 875. Australian Credit Licence number 472 918.

RR 2T 300-FRONT MY23.jpg

New Beta 2024 models now with:

  • Billet Triple Clamps

  • Fork pre-load adjustment

  • Significant upgrades to the ZF Fork

  • Heavily updated 125 2T engine

  • Revised bodywork with new slimmer shrouds.

Beta RR125 Enduro  $12495

Beta RR200 Enduro  $13795

Beta RR250 Enduro  $13995

Beta RR300 Enduro  $14895

RR 4T-FRONT MY23.jpg

New Beta 4T 2024 models now with:

  • Billet Triple Clamps

  • Fork pre-load adjustment

  • Significant upgrades to the ZF Fork

  • Revised bodywork with new slimmer shrouds.

  • Traction control available on both map settings

  • New 4T header pipe on all models

Beta RR350 Enduro  $14495

Beta RR390 Enduro  $14995

Beta RR430 Enduro  $14995

Beta RR480 Enduro  $15495

RX 300 MY 2024 (1).jpg

RX 300 2T is a bike that launched as an exclusive motocross bike for the US market in 2021, as well as in Australia in limited numbers but is completely new for the European market. The success of this project, aided by the ever-growing experience accumulated in the race field inthe MXGP World Championship with the 450 4T, have led the Tuscan brand to open the throttleon the evolution of the bike which today is configured as a fully-fledged motocross bike.

This limited production model will be produced for the first time outside the US & Australia, making the RX 300 2T a unique opportunity to add this bike to your garage, a model which for Beta marks the return to the motocross market and which will open the way for a new range of totally new models arriving soon.

Price $13795

2020 Beta XTrainer 300 

XT 300:  The X-Trainer is in a unique niche of the enduro market, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a 2-stroke bike with slightly softer power delivery while still offering excellent ride-ability and ease of use. In fact, this is a bike for enduro newcomers and those who want an off-roader that is a less demanding ride, not too heavy and still provides comfort and performance at a reasonable cost. Its light weight, low seat height and low down torque make the X-Trainer a great choice for extreme enduro competition.

Its strengths can be summed up as follows:

  • Power delivery: pliable and linear, making it extremely easy to ride, yet enough to inspire

  • Beta Progressive Power Valve: allowing excellent engine performance throughout the rev range thanks to easy external adjustment.

  • Seat height: reduced to 910 mm – compared to the 930 mm  of the RR range to ensure an even more comfortable ride

  • Low weight: at only 98 kg (216 lbs.) which provides an agile and non-intimidating ride, even for newcomers

  • Automatic oil injection: eliminates the need for a fuel-oil premix

  • Soft tires: to ensure better grip and higher performance on any terrain.

All this lets you enjoy excellent performance on an extremely user-friendly bike, instilling confidence and allowing easy control whatever the conditions.

The stable, light perimeter frame, coupled with a 43 mm progressive fork and a dedicated single shock, houses a cutting-edge, tamed-down Beta 300 cc 2-stroke engine.

Beta engineers have introduced new upgrades for the X-Trainer including:


  • Countershaft balancer: reduces vibration, increases inertia and upgrades the power delivery curve. Augments the bikes rideability through all the engine power bands.

  • New crankshaft: overall system inertia revised following introduction of the counter balancer. Increased lubrication in the crankcase and improved engine movement by reducing lateral side friction.

  • Clutch plates: redesigned for smoother, more controlled gear shifts.



  • Modified swing arm: longer for better stability and traction.

  • Forks: more controlled and more effective against violent impact.

  • Shock absorber: more efficient against sharp impact.

  • New chain guide: longer to adapt to the new swingarm.

  • Longer gearing: to match the engines new power delivery.

  • Mapping selector.


  • New tank ducting.

  • New headlamp cowl.

  • Front fender with vaiable thickness geometry: reduces weight and maximises rigidity.

  • New handlebar protector.

  • New digital intsruments and intrument panel.



Beta XTrainer  300  $10995

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